About LK

‘I remember when my first egg hatched, I was very excited ....... my ambition was to produce a bird with a beautiful colourful plumage’



At university, my childhood hobby, came back into play, with the fascination of feathers. I specialised, hand dying, colouring and sculpting feathers. My craft skills are vast, and include millinery, jewellery making, printing, working on looms and many more araeas. I LOVE fashion and with this fascination of feathers, I have been designing & creating beautiful ‘Head Adornments & Accessories’. 




'I have designed collections for, Debehnams, M & S Autograph, jewellery for River Island and my original hat collections have been sold in Harrods. As a designer, one of my highlights, was being invited to Buckingham Palace, and meeting Her Majesty The Queen.'




My interest in birds started earlier than this though. In my primary school, my teacher Mr Waters, would arrange for specialised bird keeper, to bring these magnificent birds or prey, who were very tame and would almost pose for us, to draw and learn about their eating habits and their lifestyle. We would draw these live magnificent birds of prey in the classroom. I doubt you could do that nowadays.  

Love Kisson is based London, where fashion, is a leader in the catwalks. My designing career started from my love of keeping chickens in my home town in Corby, in Northamptonshire. I was given two pet chickens, one which was named Samantha. I was fascinated by their coloured costumes and so I began breeding chickens, as a hobby.