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Milliner Asif Kisson in white shirt and maroon waistcoat

KISSON was founded by London hatmaker Asif Kisson in 2021. Asif has provided his designs to some of the UK's top retailers, including Harrods, Debenhams, and Marks & Spencer. He was honoured to attend a celebration of British Designers at Buckingham Palace and to meet Her Majesty the Queen.​


Asif’s interest in fashion and design started at a young age, where he was a keen collector of Vogue magazines, and grew up with his father specialising in lathe-turning. Asif was fascinated by his chickens which he kept in the garden, with a particular favourite named Samantha. He especially enjoyed cross-breeding chickens to create new feather pigmentations. 

In 1997, Asif studied a Bachelor of Arts at the Herefordshire College of Arts and Design, which helps students discover their artistic passions. It was here he explored the combination of feathers and sculpture and decided to pursue this newfound passion through millinery and accessories.

In 2001, Asif first launched his business under his name 'Asif Kisson' and went on to receive a number of awards including the Prince's Trust Entrepreneur Award, the Shell Livewire Entrepreneur Award, and a nomination for the ELLE Style Award.

In 2021, Asif relaunched his business as KISSON, with the new brand drawing inspiration from Asif’s childhood and love of nature. The KISSON purple is inspired by Asif's father's Ford Cortina 1600E, a picture of which you can find below.

Asif's passion for the natural world and over 20 years of millinery experience have resulted in high-quality, hand-crafted sustainable headpieces. He is excited to discover new ways to create beautiful sustainable headpieces in the future.  

Milliner placing purple pillbox headpiece with coral flowers on head of woman in yellow dress
Three kids smiling sitting on top of a purple Ford Cortina car

Asif (left), with his brother and sister sitting on the back of his father's Ford Cortina 1600E

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